corporate gifts


Wine is the perfect gift because it’s an experience and a community, all within one bottle. whether you’re having a dinner party, playing board games, or celebrating a big promotion, wine brings people together.

we can customize our gift bundles to your every need, including:

  • type of wine

  • price point

  • number of bottles

  • printed, branded notes & collateral


some examples of gift bundles


one bottle (sparkling, white, or red)

whether you want to show clients your appreciation or say thank you to your colleagues, our one-bottle bundle is the perfect way to show them you care.

france (2).png

the francophile

whether in burgundy, bordeaux, or the rhone valley, france produces some of the most prestigious and delicious wines in the world. you can’t go wrong with french wine as a gift.


¡Viva italia!

italians have produced wine for over 6,000 years, making italy one of the oldest wine regions in the world. their sense of tradition is unparalleled, and their wine always pair so well with food.


born in the usa

there is arguably more diversity and innovation in american winemaking than anywhere else in the world. big, bold, and unafraid to make a statement, these wines are sure to be unforgettable.


wine tasting event

looking to celebrate along with your clients and colleagues? our wine tasting events are the perfect way to deepen relationships, learn about wine, and have fun with clients and colleagues.

murrays cheese soon.png

wine + cheese

there’s no better pairing than wine and cheese, and we’ve partnered with NYC’s famed cheese shop to pair our wines with outstanding cheeses from around the world.