a new kind of corporate event

looking to host your next (virtual) happy hour or client event? we’re here to guide you through the entire process, from the wine selection to the sommelier for your tasting.


Our wine tasting experiences are perfect for all your event needs. our clients have used lifetime vintage for:

  1. happy hours

  2. team bonding

  3. clients & prospects

  4. new colleagues

interested in organizing an event with your team? reach out to us here:


types of events

we offer many styles of wine tastings to choose from, but we can also create 100% customized tastings if you’d like.


blind tasting (most popular)

Learn how to blind taste from the experts. Participate in a fun and educational experience of guessing wines before revealing what’s on the label.


tasting series

A multi-course series to develop in-depth wine knowledge. Start with the basics and work your way up as you dive deep into the incredible world of wine.



Gamify your blind tasting skills to see who can guess the right wines. You’ll learn the acuteness and attention to detail it takes to become a high-level blind taster.



Perfect for learning about the history and language of wine. Sommeliers will host an interactive tasting focused on grape varietals, regions, and wine styles.


we also have additional items you can add onto your wine tasting, including:

murrays cheese soon.png
martinellis 2 edited.png

cheese & Meats

the perfect pair to a wine tasting from the famous murray’s cheese in NYC

  • 3 cheeses: $45 (shipping incLuded)

  • 5 cheeses: $75 (shipping included)

non-alcoholic beverages

Is there someone in your tasting who doesn’t drink? we have apple cider and non-alcoholic pinot noir so that everyone can participate.




4 Half-bottles

  • standard pack: $95 per person

  • Premium pack: $150 per person

6 half-bottles

  • standard pack: $135 per person

  • premium pack: $200 per person

sommelier services (recommend 1 sommelier per 10-15 people in the tasting):

  • $120 sommelier fee for 4 wines

  • $150 sommelier fee for 6 wines

*customized tastings available for your budget

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